Ghost Blog Theme: Ice Breaker

Today was the public launch of the Ghost blogging platform (well, technically yesterday, I guess). If you haven’t heard of Ghost yet, check out this page (and video). In short, Ghost is a new, minimalist blogging platform. The project lead is John O’Nolan who previously worked at WordPress and created a Kickstarter project with the intention of building a more streamlined blogging platform (since WordPress has become rather bloated).

I’ve been following this project since it kicked off and, to my delight, I discovered a couple weeks ago that they were building on Node.js — A platform that I’ve been playing around with a lot lately. I was excited to grab a copy. Today, I did just that. After tinkering around for a bit, I decided to go ahead and build out a really simple theme. What better way to learn a new piece of blogging software?

Now, Ghost is still in a very early beta stage, so there’s not a whole lot to work with, but the setup looks promising. Since I assume a lot will be changing, I didn’t go nuts trying to create something really robust. Rather, I thought it’d just be useful to tinker and throw a free theme out there for early adopters to try out. So without further ado, here is my theme. It’s called “Ice Breaker”.

Screenshot of the Ice Breaker theme for Ghost

Simply grab the files from one of the sources below and drop it into your “content/themes” directory. I honestly have to intention (at this point) to support this theme… but I’ve tested it and it works quite nicely (it’s responsive and includes all the SASS files), so feel free to give it a shot.

GitHub Repository →