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Light bulb

I’m just going to keep this short. I’ve been fascinated with programming and web development since a very young age. It’s one of the few things in my life that I think I can probably call a passion. In recent years, I’ve lost touch with it — which is ironic because I’m the VP of Product Development at on online marketing firm. I launch state-of-the-art websites on a weekly basis. They’re well designed. They’re HTML5, CSS3 and responsive. They use lots of the latest web development tools available. And yet, I do very little development myself. The past few years of my career have been spent sending emails, holding meetings, assigning tasks and managing people (who I should note are very talented). It’s been good for my wallet, but hard on my soul. I know I’m a craftsman at heart. This is my attempt to reconnect with my passion and immerse myself in the latest technologies that the web has to offer.