Moving from CodeKit to Grunt Watch + LiveReload for Real-time JavaScript/LESS/SASS Compilation

Grunt Logo

Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of CodeKit. It’s served me well for years and I continue to use it on many of my projects. With that said, I’ve found myself doing lots of Node.js development lately and have been using Grunt for various building tasks. Grunt is a task runner that has a ton of packages for doing things like compiling LESS/SASS into CSS, concatenating JavaScript, minifying, etc. It also has a package for watching files (the same way CodeKit does) and firing off certain tasks when they’re modified.

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Ghost Blog Theme: Ice Breaker

Ghost Blogging Platform

Today was the public launch of the Ghost blogging platform (well, technically yesterday, I guess). If you haven’t heard of Ghost yet, check out this page (and video). In short, Ghost is a new, minimalist blogging platform. The project lead is John O’Nolan who previously worked at WordPress and created a Kickstarter project with the intention of building a more streamlined blogging platform (since WordPress has become rather bloated).

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